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The conference will host over 40 scholars of various disciplines from North America, Europe, South Asia, and Australasia:


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Abraham, S.
Ambalavanar, D.
Arasu, V.
Champakalakshmi, R.
Cheran, R.
Fukao, J.
George, G.
George, U.
Ghose, R.
Guruge, S.
Jegathesan, M.
Kanaganayakam, C.
Kanthasamy, P.
Karunakaran, K.
Karunanithi, G.
Kingsolver, A.
Mason, R.
Maunaguru, S.
Maunaguru, Sitralega
McNaughton, S.
More, J.B.P.
Orr, L.
Pai, G.
Palaniappan, S.
Pandian, M.S.S.
Rajesh, V.
Renganathan, V.
Sangarasivam, Y.
Seylon, R.
Shanmugam, K.
Sivalingam, H.
Sriramachandran, R.
Sundar, A.
Tambiah, S.J.
Tyyskä, V.
Vaitheespara, R.
Vivekananthan, P.
Whitaker, M.
Xavier, S.
Young, K.
Younger, P.

Aparna Sundar

Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Ryerson University

Chair: Session II & Panel I
Friday, June 1st | 12:30 - 2:30 PM

Ms. Sundar's research and training has been in the areas of comparative politics, international development and postcolonial politics, and political economy. Her current research interests cover: social movements in the Global South, working-class immigrant organising in Toronto, and international and transnational social movement organizing, as well as the impact of globalization and economic restructuring on welfare in postcolonial societies. Her major publications include “The South Asia Left Democratic Alliance (SALDA): The Dilemmas of a Transnational Left” in Organizing the Transnational: The Experience of Asian, Caribbean and Latin American Migrants in Canada, ed. Luin Goldring and Sailaja Krishnamurti (forthcoming); and "Sea Changes: Organizing Around the Fishery in a South Indian Community" in Street-Level Democracy: Political Settings at the Margins of Global Power, ed. Jonathan Barker with Anne-Marie Cwikowski (1999).