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The conference will host over 40 scholars of various disciplines from North America, Europe, South Asia, and Australasia:


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Abraham, S.
Ambalavanar, D.
Arasu, V.
Champakalakshmi, R.
Cheran, R.
Fukao, J.
George, G.
George, U.
Ghose, R.
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Jegathesan, M.
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Kanthasamy, P.
Karunakaran, K.
Karunanithi, G.
Kingsolver, A.
Mason, R.
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McNaughton, S.
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Vivekananthan, P.
Whitaker, M.
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Younger, P.

Karunakaran Krishnamoorthy

Department of Asian Languages and Cultures
University of Michigan

Tamil Teaching-Learning Activity in North America:
Reinforcements Needed
Friday, June 1st |  3:00 - 5:00 PM

In many universities in North America Tamil has been taught as a
second language for nearly 50 years. Tamil is a highly diglossic language and hence there need to be methods and materials to teach and learn the two varieties of Tamil at different levels. The present paper focuses on the use of communicative approaches to language teaching and learning, interactive models for effective language learning, multi-media approaches and methodology for language learning on the one hand and that of the use of modern technology relevant to the preparation and implementation of materials needed for the learners at different levels. The present paper also discusses the socio-cultural aspects of language learning, by introducing cultural contexts and situations in the form of conversations, phrases, narratives and so on. It also tries to focus on the aspect of communicative skills and enriching such skills through these contextual usages in a more effective and efficient way. The study also presents ways to increase the fluency in reading and writing as well as achieving native/near-native intonation both in reading and speaking. The study is supported by illustrations and model materials for the interactive approach.

Dr. Karunakaran's main research interests and fields of specialization are: Sociolinguistics, Language Planning, Tamil Grammar and Linguistics, Stylistics of Modern Tamil, Translation Methods and Practices, Tamil Dialectology and Lexicography. His publications include Linguistic Convergence (1980); Sociolinguistic Patterns Of Language Use (1983); Translation as Synthesis, Standard Spoken Tamil, Mozhiyiyal, Samudhaya Mozhiyiyal, and Kural Mozhiyum Neriyum.