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The conference will host over 40 scholars of various disciplines from North America, Europe, South Asia, and Australasia:


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Abraham, S.
Ambalavanar, D.
Arasu, V.
Champakalakshmi, R.
Cheran, R.
Fukao, J.
George, G.
George, U.
Ghose, R.
Guruge, S.
Jegathesan, M.
Kanaganayakam, C.
Kanthasamy, P.
Karunakaran, K.
Karunanithi, G.
Kingsolver, A.
Mason, R.
Maunaguru, S.
Maunaguru, Sitralega
McNaughton, S.
More, J.B.P.
Orr, L.
Pai, G.
Palaniappan, S.
Pandian, M.S.S.
Rajesh, V.
Renganathan, V.
Sangarasivam, Y.
Seylon, R.
Shanmugam, K.
Sivalingam, H.
Sriramachandran, R.
Sundar, A.
Tambiah, S.J.
Tyyskä, V.
Vaitheespara, R.
Vivekananthan, P.
Whitaker, M.
Xavier, S.
Young, K.
Younger, P.

R. Champakalakshmi


Caste and Community, Oscillating Identities in Pre-Modern Tamil Society
Friday, June 1st |  5:45 - 7:00 PM

Prof. Champakalakshmi was a Professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University from 1983 to 1998. Her best known publications include Vaisnava Iconography in the Tamil Country (1981); Trade, ideology and Urbanization: South India from c. 300 BC to AD 1300 (1996); Tradition, Dissent and Ideology: Essays in Honour of Romila Thappar (1996); The Hindu Temple (2001). Her publications have covered Art, Architecture; Religion and Society; Ideology and the State, Political Geography, Economy, Urbanization and Society in South India, have appeared in National and International Academic Journals. Now she continues to be actively engaged in research work on Religion and Society and Tamil Culture and Caste and Community identities in pre- Modern South India and other aspects of South Indian History including a text book on South Indian history for the Graduate and Post- Graduate levels.