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Volunteering @ TSC 2008

Organisng and hosting this international conference requires the labour of many and every year 20-30 youth volunteers help to conceptualize, plan and then host the conference. They are also mentored in acquiring skills and experiences related to organising these conferences.

Volunteers play a role in planning and implementing fund raising, website and graphic design, community outreach, student outreach, media work, and event planning. In 2007-8 volunteers will also have the opportunity to play a greater role in the academic planning of the conference.

Volunteers who work on the conference for more than a year have the opportunity of becoming volunteer coordinators and play a leadership role along with the academic organisers.

Who are we looking for as volunteers?

Young students or working adults starting from High School seniors.

Please note that you don't have to be Tamil, you don't have to know Tamil, and you do not have to be a student in the humanities or social sciences, and you do not even have to be a student but can be in full time work.

The primary requirements are:

Time Commitment

Volunteers meet once a month for about 2 hours to plan, coordinate and implement various tasks related to the conference. Sometimes the meetings will be more frequent when there are deadlines to be met.

All volunteers are expected to help throughout the full conference programme in 2008, from Thursday, May 15th evening to Saturday, May 17th evening.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the 2008 conference please fill in the application form and email it to: