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The Bicycle Tyre

Almost skeleton-thin, dusty,
And in a pair of threadbare trousers,
The boy nevertheless owns
A junked bicycle tyre;
He uses a stick to make it roll.
Equipped to live in an age of equipments,
The day seems to hold for him
Serious affinity with his times.
He does not pause to reflect the fact
That the tyre has no vehicular use.
But it does give
Sophistication to his run.
And, as does the spirit of technology,
It gives him a sense
Of ever increasing progress.
As he propels this playing thing
With a touch of innocence,
This poor little boy
In a remote Indian street
Is in tow with the world
With its Fords and Suzukies.
In his hands
This minor marvel
Of a minor technology
Transcends utility.

(from Pramil Kavithaikal)