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We are listing a few accommodation options. You are, of course free to look for others on the internet or through personal contacts. These are only suggested options for you. The organizers do not take responsibility for the quality of the accommodations, the service provided, or communications with them.

The Holiday Inn, Howard Johnson and Trinity College Residences are the closest to the conference venues. All three are holding a limited number of reserved rooms for conference attendees and the Holiday Inn and Howard Johnson are offering discounted rates for conference attendees. Trinity College Residences are student rooms and are the cheapest accommodation and are the closest to the conference site. Residence College Hotel is also a student style hotel. Wesley Manor Boutique and Madison Manor are bed and breakfasts.

Please bear in mind that May is quite a busy season for the hotels in Toronto, therefore, make your reservations well ahead of time, particularly for the Bed and Breakfasts.


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