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About the Conference

Request for Funds

Organizing an annual international conference is a significant financial undertaking. The task is compounded by our dependence on the need to fundraise ever year. In order to secure the long term future of these conferences we are seeking the financial support of donors who would be prepared to contribute financially for these conferences. We are looking for both short term and long term donors. Short term donors are those who make a one time only contribution. Long term donors are those who pledge to provide an annual contribution for the conferences. To facilitate long term planning we encourage donors to consider being an annual contributor.

The primary needs of the conference are the following:

How to Give

All funds are received and disbursed by the University of Toronto. If you are interested in financially supporting the Conference please complete one of the Pledge Forms and hand it in to the organizers during the Conference. Or you can contact the organizers at and subsequently send in the Pledge Form to the university officer indicated on the forms.


All our funds are received, disbursed and managed by the University of Toronto. All queries regarding the accounts should be directed to Ms. Eileen Lam, Institute Manager and Project Officer, Asian Institute, Munk Centre for International Affairs, University of Toronto.
Tele: 416-946-8997 Email:

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